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OSCE On-site Training (UK)

NMC OSCE 3 Month Training

About This Product

The comprehensive OSCE Full Course Training Programme is a perfect blend of online and on-site training designed to help candidates excel in their respective fields. As a candidate, you will be provided with an exclusive account to access the OSCE crack course materials, which include a series of pre-recorded videos. These materials will allow you to prepare yourself thoroughly before embarking on the online training phase with the highly experienced OSCE Expertise Mentor.

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How it works?

  1. Understanding the format ( Live tutor online sessions)

  2. Review the content ( Materials provided in exclusive account)

  3. Developing effective communications skills ( Verbalisation sessions)

  4. Mastering Clinical Skills ( Onsite training)

  5. Practice makes it Perfect with mock tests

  6. Reflect and learn from feedbacks.

With this training programme, you can expect to gain a wealth of knowledge and practical skills that will help you stand out in your profession.

Merlin Features until you clear your OSCE Exam
  • Merlin Book of OSCE – Full access

  • Roleplay videos

  • Every day live class with OSCE expert mentors

  • Online OSCE Tutor Assistance (live)

  • Access to the crack course materials.

  • Access to OSCE Premium Discussion Group.

  • Both online and on-site OSCE Coordinators will arrange and guide you through on scheduling of your training and preparation.

  • Exam booking Assistance

It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines, protocols, and evidence-based practices in your field to perform well in OSCE Exam. Keep yourself informed about any changes or updates that may be relevant.

Remember, practicing consistently, reflecting on your performance, and seeking feedback are crucial to improving your OSCE performance.

Download your training Schedule from here –  Download

For more details, consult with your personal mentor or chat live now


£799.79 £839.75

All Level 24 Lectures OSCE